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Herbalism is a holistic approach to wellness that considers the client's nutrition, lifestyle, current & past diagnoses, emotional & spiritual wellbeing, and personal goals. Drawing from botany, anatomy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and Western Herbalism, our clinical herbalist will organize a customized nutritional and herbal protocol to assist you in achieving your healthiest self. Please provide your email upon booking to receive necessary intake documents.
The initial intake is 90 minutes. Consultations is performed online!
Following the initial consult, 60 minute herbal check-ins are available both in-person and online. This consultation results in a protocol with all needed revisions or additions.
Herbal remedies for children truly emphasize the fun, tasty, and accessible methods of working with plant medicine! Please provide your email upon booking to receive necessary intake documents.
All adolescent consultations, intakes and follow-ups, run at 60 minutes to ensure your child's optimal attention. 



Herbal Intake & Custom Protocol

Herbal Check-In & Revised Protocol

Child/Adolescent Consultation & Protocol




Reiki & Seichem   

Reiki is a Japanese technique of energetic healing developed by Mikao Usui. This method of energy work has a deep history of benefitting physical, spiritual, and emotional blockages. Seichem is another method of alternative bodywork very similar to Reiki. Developed by Patrick Zeigler in the 1970s, Seichem is often used alongside Reiki for heightened serenity.

 30 minutes

 60 minutes

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